We met Michelle while both her and our family were visiting the beautiful town of Kraków. We had a photo ‘minisession’ with her. She is a very nice person, she fulfilled all our wishes concerning the pictures, and our little son absolutely loved her. The photoshoot was great fun and the pictures she sent us are awesome. We can sincerely recommend her to anyone looking for a family photographer! – Andrea, Poland

“I am so glad we chose you to take photos for my pregnancy! We felt so comfortable and relaxed with you Michelle, and you have captured such amazing photos for us to treasure always. We were all made to feel completely relaxed and at ease including my parents.Thanks for all the amazing memories!The best photographer i have ever met!Looking forward to do yet another lovely photoshoot with my newborn” – Priyanga


Hemlata_Ben_Wedding-325“Michelle shot pictures of our wedding. She is an amazing photographer. She captures every tiny little moment candidly, and with grace. There is so much life and love contained in each and every photo she takes, that it leaves nothing, but smiles on the face and in the heart of the viewer. Thank you so much Michelle 🙂 I wish you good luck and success in your dream pursuit. Nothing can stop you from doing somehing if you are passionate about it!” ~ Hemlata Agarwala


Navdeep-31“Michelle has such an amazing talent for capturing ‘moments’ which is exactly what you want in your shoot. She is very patient and polite. She has good talent for photography. Pictures clicked by her are amazing. It’s the natural fun and excitement that is so important to be documented. Michelle energy and passion comes across in the photos. Thanks a lot for capturing my moments in Stockholm.” ~ Navdeep Waraich


Kanth_CherryBlossom-24“A very passionate and skilled photographer with a friendly touch, who was so dedicated and patient enough to capture our family’s playful moments with our child. Certainly a memorable experience. I very much recommend Michelle to anyone who wishes to get their best moments captured for lifetime.” ~ Lakshmikanth Tadepally 


Claudia-106“Thank you very much Michelle for a wonderful photo session where everything felt so natural, no stress, we all enjoyed it very much,the kids had fun and the results were amazing!We loved every single photo,you managed to capture so well the life,the joy and the love from our home and our hearts! I get the feeling that at some moments time just stopped and you captured the essence of it so well that we could live that moment and feelings again every time we look at the pictures! Love the colors, look forward for our next photo session! Hugs!” ~ Claudia Elena


HanBen3“If you are looking for a photographer to capture the true essence and emotions of who you are and what your relationship means to you, then look no further.
Not only a talented photographer, Michelle Akka, is a pleasure to be around as well. She makes you feel at ease while shooting and lets you be yourself.
We had our pre-wedding and post wedding shoot done by her. Many of you would have seen the pics already! We have had our friends and family pouring out their compliments for the photos and its quality.
She has delivered a beautifully crafted and artistically thoughtful set of photos that freeze many very memories worth cherishing down life’s lane.
Not only do we recommend you, we wouldn’t mind shouting out from the rooftops (like in the olden days)!” ~ Hannah Angeline


K13A1661_CP“It was our first outdoor shoot. We never thought it will be so much fun. Enjoyed each and every click. Michelle is a great thinker. She plans it so well before each click and you can see the results in the photos … it’s awesome! She was patient enough when kids were posing. They too enjoyed the shoot. Overall it was a wonderful experience for our family. great work! Keep it up, Michelle!” ~ Christopher


Rekha-59“To be honest, I always wanted to do a family photo-shoot but thought it was too much time and energy and with a hyper active toddler- there was not way we could sit still to get a picture together. One my best friends recommended Michelle Job Photography to me and asked me to give it a shot.

I had a quick chat with Michelle on whataspp and we fixed the time and place and co-ordinated the dresses. Michelle is super patient and relaxed and gave me the head-space to decide what I want.

On the day of the shoot, I can’t believe how smoothly everything went. Michelle was super patient even when my children were throwing tantrums and she managed to get some of the best shots anyways. The final pictures are amazing. This is one really talented photographer and probably one of the few people I would trust again to take pictures of my family.

She brought out the comfort and the love in the family in the pictures and I highly recommend Michelle for any family photography services. Definitely worth the effort when I look at the pictures and I feel so happy and thrilled at how they’ve come out.” ~ Rekha Muralidharan

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  1. Thank you Michelle for the wonderful photo session! With Michelle, the photo session was taken at ease and relax. Her patience and kindness was something I appreciate the most. I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in Stockholm city!


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