About MJ

During my early childhood, my mom owned a Nikon SLR camera. Although  being a ‘momtog’ wasn’t the thing of that decade, she captured some great pictures of me and my brother growing up. My mom being the eldest of seven beautiful sisters, I also have vague memories of her asking them to pose and clicking photographs of them!

My mom’s passion for people and photography caught on to me subconsciously. However, the later showed up only after I passed out of college!

A close friend of mine, Helen, had a basic camera mobile. Our weekend pass time was to go to major clothing stores, try on good clothes, click pics of each other on the mobile, leave those clothes behind at the store and then post our pictures on Orkut (For those who are wondering what ‘Orkut’ is, it was a happening social networking site before Facebook!) Gosh! The things we did to get more friends and scraps on our page!

Shortly, she picked up her 1st DSLR. From then on, each time we met at the Marina Beach or Sangeetha, I used to enjoy going through her photographs. We used to keep ordering one coffee after another as we kept discussing our lives, dreams and photography!

It all started there!

I got married to an amazing man in 2008. He gifted me my 1st point and shoot camera. In 2010, we welcomed our first born and my Canon G11. Boy, how I enjoyed documenting my pregnancy and her early years in pictures.

In the year 2012, I got this crazy idea of documenting my entire year in pictures. Surprisingly, we got the opportunity to travel to the UK for a few months. The traveler and photog in me pounced on the opportunity and made the most of it. You can check out my Project365 here!

In 2014, our second baby girl entered our lives!

Ever since, I have clicked thousands of pictures of my kids, friends and family. Wherever I go or whomever I meet, I see them in frames and spontaneously wonder how best they could be photographed! From being an Electricals and Electronics graduate to then being a magazine editor for an Asia-Pacific magazine, followed by being a stay-at-home-mom, it all of a sudden occurred to me that may be I should pursue the thing that I am so passionate about!

Out of the blue, one morning in May 2016, I woke up and decided I am going to pursue my passion and be a Lifestyle Photographer! It was a dream come true when I picked my Canon 5D mark iii. The support I got from my parents, parents in law and close friends was immense.

I must make a special mention of my sister in law, Jasmine, and husband, Vj, here!

After my mom, Jasmine is one of the strong-willed, confident, self-empowered woman, I have personally known. Her life is an inspiration. She constantly told me that I should use the God given potential in me. Both of us are big time dreamers. She began chasing her dreams ahead and encouraged me to do the same! It was one text message from her in May that pushed me out of my comfort zone to pursue this dream! Thank you, akka!

As for Vj, if not for him, my photography dream would have remained a dream, at least until my girls grew a little bigger. He is the one who takes care of my little girls while I am away clicking pictures – from taking KT to her ballet class, feeding Krissy, changing her diaper and what not, he does it all… gladly… Just so I could do what I love and be myself! I love you, Vj ❤

How can I not mention my mother in law? Not once has she hesitated to take care of my girls when Vj and I are not around. She wholeheartedly encourages me to do what I do, sits with me as I process the images and gives me her ideas! Thank you, aunty!

Being a people-person, I have always enjoyed meeting people. Now, meeting new people and capturing their special moments is totally an icing on the cake!

I cannot express the feeling I get after each photo session. It is beyond words. It is that feeling you get when you realize you are living your dream. The outburst of joy and satisfaction – unspeakable!

With great excitement, I look forward to the journey that is ahead!

10 Replies to “About MJ”

  1. I have had the chance to work with this incredible photographer in an experiment to get rid of my camera shy nature. Not only did she bring out the best in me from the photographic perspective, she was a delightful friend which added on to the comfort. Good luck to you! 🍻


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