Veena + Roshan’s Hyderabad Pre-wedding Shoot at Golconda Fort

What an amazing year 2018 has been! It took me to places I had never dreamt of! I met some incredible people whose friendship I cherish till date! It offered me opportunities that filled me with immense joy, satisfaction and reassurance that I did the right thing by following my heart ❤️


My hearty wishes for a fabulous 2019 to all those amazing people whom I met as clients and to those kind friends who have constantly cheered me on this journey! Words cannot express how much your comments, feedback and even the ‘likes’ mean to me 


After moving back to India in the end of August, I took a short break on the photography front and I spent the first three months settling down and helping my kids get accustomed to their new environment and the Indian system of education.


After two unbelievably successful years in Sweden, I was apprehensive how my photography will take shape in India. The break I have mentioned above was also primarily because I was fearful in taking any step towards setting up and pursuing photography.


However, the break I took was very relaxing and much needed. It gave me the time to put things in perspective. Analyse my passion and my purpose. Muster courage. And get back on my feet!


I am so so glad I confronted my fears and stepped out of my cocoon. The months of November and December opened doors and opportunities I least expected. I got to work with some very soulful, beautiful people!


Veena and Roshan are one among them. Their pre-wedding shoot was my first photoshoot at Golconda Fort after my return to India.


The iconic Golconda Fort has a very unique vibe to it. It offers a timeless feeling and backdrop!


The architecture never ceases to amaze me every single time.


During this session, I wanted to bring together the magnificent architecture and the love and romance of these soon-to-be-weds.


It was a very pleasant winter evening. While the tourists were slowly making their exit, we walked in.


As I began to photograph Veena and Roshan, I was transported back in time and I felt a royal romance unfold in front of me!


There are so many factors involved in resulting a good photoshoot – the photographer, the subjects, the location, the weather and the positivity of everyone involved. This shoot was perfect on every single level!


As I began to work on the pictures, I could literally feel the love and the goodness of this couple add life, colour and a story to this medieval marvel.


It is this I would like to present to you in this post and in future shoots – captured moments that you will cherish reliving in your mind over and over again!


My heartfelt wishes and blessings to Veena and Roshan as they soon begin their very happy ever after! What an honour to have captured these moments for you!


Now sit back, turn on the volume (and the HD button on the video player) and be guaranteed to travel back in time getting lost in the beauty of love itself!

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Had you enjoyed these pictures, I would simply love to hear what you felt as you saw these pictures. Leave your feedback on the comment section below! It would mean so much to me!