Cristina & Philip’s Wedding at Stockholm City Hall

It was one-of-a-kind Saturday afternoon in Stockholm. The sun was shinning bright from one corner of the sky, while dark rain clouds loomed over the other side.

CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-3The streets were filled with rainbows and glitter as the EuroPride parade marched their way through central Stockholm.CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-4I had to sneak myself through the crowds to get into the Stockholm City Hall. I was about to photograph my first City Hall wedding and my excitement knew no bounds!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-6Two years in Sweden has revolutionised my thinking and my belief system. From parenting to education to simply the day-to-day lifestyle, one thing that constantly catches my attention is the way focus is given to what matters the most in the truest, simplest manner possible. There is no unnecessary fuss made over things or issues that are not going to contribute towards betterment.CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-101Cristina’s and Philip’s wedding proved that fact all over again!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-107Cristina exuded grace and beauty in her elegant white dress!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-172Yes, she was slightly nervous as any bride. But her eyes sparkled every time she looked at Philip. Her smile just lit up the air around her!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-189Philip was tall and handsome. Every time he and Cristina exchanged a look, it spoke volumes about how much they loved and adored each other!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-350The wedding ceremony lasted for not more than 10 minutes. It was in Swedish and obviously I did not understand a word.CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-347However, the emotions that filled the room surpassed words. As Cristina and Philip exchanged their wedding rings surrounded by just their immediate family and closest friends, it marked the beginning of their very-happy-ever-after!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-352I count it a privilege to be one among those chosen few who witnessed it.CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-372It was an even greater honour to document their very special day!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-419There were numerous couples who got married that afternoon at the City Hall and the premise was bustling with people. But as Cristina and Philip stood there by the waters of Riddarfjärden, time stood still. The noise and the crowds vanished. CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-389Together they embarked on their forever!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-424Cristina’s and Philip’s wedding left a profound impact on me. Their wedding was all about what mattered the most – them, their love for each other and the people who played an integral part in their lives. Nothing more. Nothing less. Lagom!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-431I thought to myself how stress-free and purposeful our lives would be if we could do the same, not just in weddings, but in all aspects of our lives. Over the years, I have noticed people (even personally indulged myself in) going overboard and doing certain things just to prove ourselves to the world. Unconsciously we live each day just to create a pseudo identity for ourself in this world that is driven by the superficial!

‘Be careful not to haul around. In our lives so many nice but unnecessary things distract and divert us from things that truly matter the most!’ – Elder David CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-440Dear Cristina and Philip, thank you for letting me share in your joyful day. May the love and happiness you felt on your wedding day shine through the years!CristinaPhilip_Wedding_MichelleJobPhotography_LR-439