Michelle + Axel Wedding in Stockholm, Sweden

What’s the very first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘WEDDING’? 


I obviously first think of the bride and the groom, their families, the bridal party, the decorations, the dresses, the food and the location.


Soon the curiosity builds to know more about the bride, the groom, their personalities, their love, their love story and the new adventure they are about to embark as a couple.


Thinking a little deeper, you discover that the bride and the groom are the nucleus of the wedding union. With their union, they will be uniting two families and two circle of friends. That’s why it is a powerful union. It is a union that is firmly bound by love of all sorts and relationships that run between each individual in this union!


Unlike weddings in India, where thousands of guests are invited for the wedding and the poor couple are clueless about three fourth of the guests, the weddings in the west consist of very limited number of guests. Each guest is very careful handpicked and only those who are super dear to the couple make it to the guest list!


Therefore each person present at the wedding share a special relationship with the couple and an extraordinary story behind it!


I had the privilege of documenting Michelle and Axel’s wedding from the start to the finish, for nearly 12 hours. And those twelve hours were one of the best in my career as a photographer and storyteller.


From the moment I picked my camera that morning, I noticed a story unfold in front of my eyes. Within moments, the tension and stress of working on a big assignment disappeared. I was filled with excitement and eagerness to see and capture what was  about to happen next.


The emotions that packed the atmosphere that day was overwhelming.


I was fighting back happy tears standing behind the camera.


Each little thing that was done or said at the wedding had significance, just like how each person there had a story. Throughout the day, I got to witness each guest express their love the couple, families and friends assert how much Michelle and Axel mean to them in very moving and humorous speeches.


Moments into the day, I found myself no longer photographing an event, but two lovers, their love story and all the key characters who have played a crucial role in their story.


Michelle and Axel’s wedding was a modern day fairytale and to have been a part of it was nothing but a privilege!

(Check out the highlights from the day! Turn on the volume and the HD option!)


Dearest Michelle and Axel,

You have proved love can be true and forever!

May your lives continue to grow in love and happiness together!