Erin Family Summer Session

“There shall be
Eternal summer in the grateful heart.”― Celia Laighton Thaxter


I come from a tropical country that experiences perennial summer all year around. And quite frankly, ‘summer’ is one season every Indian dreads since the temperatures reach scorching extremes!


It took me two long nordic winters to understand what all the hype about summer is!


When one spends nearly half a year with little to no sun in single digit and negative temperatures, that’s when you begin to realise what a difference the sun makes and you would want to make the most of its presence!


May this summer be the best of all the summers so far!


Enjoy the great outdoors, the greenery, the breeze, the warmth, the shade and all that the sun brings along and fill it will tons of laughter, joy and love, making memories that you will hold dear for the summers to come!


While photographing Erin, her husband and her sweet little boys, I got to capture the beauty of summer – the light and the love!


Watch the entire session that packed with many priceless moments of sweetness! Turn on the volume and the HD option!