Mj’s Wonder Women Series Feature #1: Gisele Almeida

I grew up in a little town within a gated community. We had no television at home. Not that we did not afford one, but just that my parents felt that it would be an unnecessary distraction for us kids. My brother and I rode to school in our bicycles. In fact the entire campus did. There were no malls or cinemas. Life was super simple and my dream… Well, I did not even know I could dream of a future. I had no clue about the outside world. Forget media and journalism. No one told me that I could pursue my passion. So like 70% of my peers, I landed in an Engineering college! The rest is a story for another day!

At 33 I discovered a passion in me, I pursued it, it freed me, empowered me, defined my identity and the journey since has been an exciting one!

That being my experience and as one who loves documenting stories, I wanted to put together a series titled ‘Wonder Women’ – photographs + real life stories of successful women who have chosen to pursue their passion. I hope these short stories will inspire girls, wives and moms, irrespective of age, background or education to DREAM and chase that dream!

Here, I am debuting my series with Gisele Almeida – a travel blogger and influencer! I photographed these pictures at the very scenic Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde in Stockholm, Sweden!

Read on! Dream on!

Giesel_Stockholm_MichelleJobPhotography_4Share a little about your growing up years – place, childhood dreams, hobbies and education:

I grew up in a very small town in Brazil. It was a simple and very calm place.  I really loved to play with my neighbourhood kids. We used to pluck mangoes from the trees and roam around freely. I loved to sing and dance. Dancing in front of the mirror was my favourite pass times!

I was very curious and communicative. I always wanted to be a journalist and so I’ve graduated in Science Communication – Journalism. I am happy that I actually achieved to study what I always dreamed about.

One person who has inspired you the most:

Lorena Tarcia – one of my college teachers. She was a very inspiring, smart and powerful women. She is a teacher, a mother and always travelled on work teaching communication all around the globe. During her classes there was a voice inside of me saying that one day I wish I could be traveling the world as she did.

Giesel_Stockholm_MichelleJobPhotography_2What inspired you to start Viajar pela Europa (VE)?

As a journalist, when I moved to Sweden,  I wanted to blog so I could add it to my portfolio. I decided to blog about travel because I loved traveling and my friends were constantly asking for travel advices. So I decided to share all my travels on the blog along with my personal travel tips. I ensured it was professional from the beginning because it was supposed to be on my CV.

I used my freedom of speech in sharing my travel experiences. It is a journalist’s dream and those working for companies never get so much freedom!

What is the mission/vision of VE?

My vision is to inspire people to travel more and live better. I think to get most out of your travels, it is important to learn more about yourself, most importantly loving yourself. So I try to keep my posts and articles always as motivational as possible – talking about mindfulness, gratitude, hope and dreams  and of course, trying to give my best trip advices. 


What do you enjoy the most about VE?

Meeting people! I never knew that I was going to meet so many lovely people through my blog. Including you! It brought me a lot of opportunities and I am so grateful to have the possibility to meet people from all over the world. It is amazing to be traveling to a place you never been before and there is people you know already from the internet and Social Media. It is absolutely fantastic!

What are your dreams for the future?

I plan to finish writing my book about India and the life changing experiences I had there. Never has a country touched me as much as India did. Before going there I thought I knew many places but when I arrived in the beautiful Kerala, it changed the way I see the world and the way I see myself. I want to share this experience in a book so I can inspire more people to go there and savour this experience by themselves.  Also I intend to register my blog as a company to get the chance to work with more inspiring people.


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1. Favourite Book

You can heal your life by Louise Hay.

2. Favourite Song

Dance with me – Nouvelle Vague

3. Your greatest fear

The thought of my daughter getting hurt.

4. The most courageous thing you have done

Becoming a mother while living abroad

5. Your philosophy for life

Believe in your dreams!

6. Favorite quote

Expect for the best
Be ready for the worst
Accept whatever comes

DO NOT miss checking out the super adorable pictures of Giesel and her sweet little Nicole!