Claire & Karthik at Kraków

It was seven am that Monday morning. It had poured heavily the previous day. The rain left the cobbled streets of the Old Town Square wet, the air so fresh. The square that was packed with tourists, street artists, horse driven chariots and street vendors, was now empty and quiet. As I stood there savouring the quietness and the ancient charm of the square, I saw Claire and Karthik walk towards me!

There was something very special about the two of them – something about their smile, something about the way they looked at each other and something about the way spoke to each other! These two, right in the middle of that tranquil medieval setting, transformed the atmosphere with their love and cheer!

I asked them to make the next half an hour into something they will cherish! I wanted them to forget my presence and get lost in the moment. They did. Here are glimpses from that beautiful morning!

“There is only one happiness in life – to love and be loved!”

No matter what you are going through in life, take sometime to relish the love of your spouse and family. Consciously take an effort to lavish your love on them. That’s what counts! That’s what will carry you through!

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