Max, Ronia & Ashok – PLPP005

When I had first posted about the Pet Love Photo Project, a friend pinged me and said she likes to share her pet love story with me but the pet wasn’t her’s. I was immediately intrigued and asked her more about this special pet she seemed to adore so much!

Ronia shared, “Max, a dachshund, is my friend’s pet. Over the years, I have fallen in love with him to an extent he now is like my third child!”

She said in order to know more about Max, her and Max’s owner, Ashok, I got to meet them!

I met Ronia at the Gamla Stan station. We walked through the cobbled streets that led us to the beautiful and cozy Chaikhana Tea House.

Just before stepping in, Ronia told me that I must capture Max’s reaction on seeing her! And I was ready!

The minute Ronia stepped in, Max ran to her like a little child would on seeing it’s mother! Max literally sprung on her and licked her face with excitement!

Ronia laughingly recalled, “Every time, I go to pick him the way he reacts on seeing me is so precious! One time he almost bit my nose off!”


It really was a precious sight watching them enjoy each other’s arrival!


As Ronia picked Max in her arms, his eyes literally beamed with joy!


“Max is an abundance of joy and love. He was love at first sight. His presence is like a baby in our family. When we see him we forget everything else. He is an attention seeker. We sometimes call him ‘drama queen’. My children always say, ‘when Max is home for mumma, first its max and then us.’ We have Max over the weekends or on holidays!”


Ronia introduced me to Ashok, the owner of Chaikhana Tea House, who was surrounded with a wide range of blended teas from around the world. Watching him make tea was like watching a scientist in his laboratory!

Ashok is a Master of Tea! He knew the history of each tea, it’s boiling point, how each needs to be brewed and for how long! Honestly, until then, I never knew so much science went behind tea making.


The way Max watched Ashok brew tea with concentration seemed like he was a little tea master himself 🙂


This is one of my favorite pics – Max leaning over the counter to lick Ashok!


After serving Ronia and me a lovely Darjeeling chai, Ashok sat with us and shared more about Max.

“A good friend handed Max to me five and a half years ago. He has been a great companion since and I am getting to know more about him and this breed.”

“Dachshunds are a scent hound breed that hunt. They are very swift and clever. Their versatile personality makes them excellent family companions.”


“What makes Max special is his sixth sense. He has incredible extrasensory perception about certain things. He knows if guests are coming, 15 mins prior to their arrival and waits at the door. He knows exactly when Ronia calls. He will wag his tail and stand near the phone! Days before I travel, he will know it. I wouldn’t have even packed. But he will know and sulk.”


“When I return from travel, he will spring on me, welcome me and lick me. Moments later he will sulk, hide under the bed on his blanket with droopy eyes conveying his displeasure on leaving him behind.”


“No amount of treats can cheer him until, I stoop down to his eyes and speak to him lovingly. He is so human in so many ways!”


Sipping Darjeeling chai, watching Max and listening about him was a beautiful experience. It really changed the way I see dogs. Dogs are not just cute, furry living objects of spectacle. They are packed with emotions, just like us humans. They love and they need to be loved.

It wasn’t easy for Max to watch Ronia walk away. My heart really melted at that sight. Ronia gave him one tight hug and assured him she will soon meet him!