Nemo & Vincent – PLPP004

Every time I share these pictures and stories, it gives me a sense of great fulfillment. As much as I would like to share my photography with you, I would like each of my viewers to see what brings my images to life – the love, the chemistry and the emotions shared between those in the photographs! I add stories and quotes because I would like you to see each image the way I do and get a glimpse beyond what meets the eye!

Today, I am delighted to share the Pet Love Story of Nemo and Vincent!

Nemo is a 12 year old American Pitbull/Mastiff. One look at his gentle eyes and you can feel the grace and maturity that comes with age.


Vincent shares, “Nemo was raised in our family by my oldest brother and his family. 6 or 7 years ago they decided to move abroad and decided to put him up for adoption. My mother told me what was going on so I told her that I’ll take him myself. I’ve seen him and taken care of him occasionally since he was a puppy.”


“I wouldn’t allow him to be given away like he was an object to be owned, he’s family. Ever since he’s been my beloved companion forever by my side.”


“At 9 AM he wakes me up. Usually he’ll headbutt me until I get up and growls a little. His tactic is to get eye contact with me. Those puppy eyes that can’t be ignored. Even if you try to, he’ll start a tantrum and start barking at you!”

“We go out for the morning walk in the woods and around the lake, a walk that usually last for 40 min to an hour. It all depends on the weather. If we meet one of his friends on the way we’ll usually let them play unleashed until they get tired. We get home and I give him candy, change his water and refill his food bowl if needed. After that he’ll usually go to our bedroom and sleep on the bed. Yeah, I do let him sleep on my bed.”


“On the other hand if he’s unsatisfied for some reason, like not getting enough candy, attention or meat and so on, he’ll be grumpy and go sleep under the stairs where he got his own corner with dog bed, blanket and pillows.”


“Then I’m off to the university or work and before I walk out the door; I’ll pat him a little, give him a kiss on his forehead and tell him where I’m going and that I’ll be back soon.”


“After the end of the day I’ll return home and he will always be there to greet me as I open the door. After an intense half minute of patting he’ll let me inside. It makes my day everyday.”


“We eat dinner together and at 8 PM we’ll go out for his last walk of the day. After returning home we’ll just relax until bedtime which is around 11 – 12 PM. Then the next day starts all over again!”


“Nemo’s favorite food is Barbequed Beef Tenderloin!”


Vincent recounts, “Years ago I lived in Madrid, Spain. At the time it was a hype to have a drone lawn mower. Jumping on the trend we purchased one of these technical wonders for approximately 1000€ whom we named Steve. Nemo and his best friend and brother, a wolf breed named Diablo guarded the house and the premises; it was their self-imposed responsibility. One day we walked out the front door and saw a big pile of junk on the lawn with debris everywhere, it looked like someone had dropped a Tomahawk cruise missile on the drone. We never thought about introducing Nemo and Diablo to the drone. So at the first sight of the drone mowing the lawn, they had identified it and declared it an intruder, an enemy of the state that had to be destroyed. No warning, no bark. From the shadows they prepared, noiseless and swift as the the wind; they struck as the lightning and the drone was no more. They had attacked and obliterated Steve.”


“Noticing us, Nemo and Diablo sat down next to the drone. They were standing in attention for us, with big smirking smiles of triumph. One of our closest friends, a U.S marine named Jack came to visit us just as we had witnessed the aftermath. He understood directly what had happened. Since that day he bestowed Nemo, the american pitbull/mastiff breed the nickname: Marine Gunny Nemo, simply Gunny. The battle of Madrid was won.”


“Nemo, you are my son, my companion and my friend. By my side you’ve always been and by your side I will always be. Through rough patches and the good ones, together in this life and what awaits us after… we will always be together.”

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras (photographer and writer)