Gizmo & Gunjita – PLPP003

Gizmo, the handsome Golden Retriever, is the first dog I met along with its entire family! It gave me a whole new perspective into the special bond Gizmo and his family shared with each other – a tiny glimpse into how love can transcend differences of any kind!


When asked about how Gizmo is, Gunjita shared, “Gizmo is very affectionate, cute, loving, adorable and caring dog one can ever wish for. He is always full of energy, happy and vitalizes everyone around him with his cheerfulness. It has now been two years since he joined our family and never ceases to excite us daily with his splendidness!”


“When I was pregnant, Gizmo used to sniff my tummy as if he is making sure everything is okay inside with the baby. His affableness always brought a smile on my face during the tough days of my pregnancy.”


“We were blessed with Aarav, our baby boy, last year and we were little concerned how Gizmo is going to react when he realizes that he has to share the family attraction with Aarav now.”


“To our surprise, Gizmo welcomed Aarav whole heartedly. They both share a special bond and Gizmo takes care of Aarav whenever he is playing!”


“Gizmo is very possessive about his toys. He does not allow anyone to touch them. It is so fascinating to see when Aarav throw Gizmo’s toy away from him and Gizmo does not get possessive. Aarav is one year old now. He calls Gizmo dearly as ‘Gi’. Gizmo comes running at his call. At dinner every night, it is a precious sight to watch Aarav crawl under our dinning table to sit beside Gizmo and pat him!”


“One afternoon, when I was having a nap, I had a nightmare. I woke up screaming from my sleep. Gizmo was sleeping outside my room. The moment he heard me, he rushed into my room, jumped over the bed, leaned againt me and put his face on my shoulder, as if he was trying to tell me ‘Don’t worry, mumma! I am here with you’.”


“God has been very kind to bless us with these two cuties. We are deeply grateful!”


“Gizmo, my baby, my everything, my lucky charm! You are a constant reminder of why life is so beautiful!”


Some angels choose fur instead of wings!