Yoda, Oskar & Matilda – PLPP001

Last week this time, I had absolutely no clue that I will be upto something so special and fun! A sudden random idea triggered a series of beautiful events and is now resulting in a lot of learning – in terms of photography and life!
To be very honest, I have not been a pet person. For that matter, I wasn’t even a kid-person until I became a mom! So often we get caught up with everyday responsibilities that at times we are blinded to the beauty that is surrounding us.

In the last few months of our stay here in Stockholm, Sweden, I have seen more pets than I have ever seen in all my life! I see pets of all sizes, shapes, color and kind everyday – on the road, in the parks, in the public transport and even people taking their pets along to their offices! I was surprised when I first saw that almost every neighborhood has an exclusive pet park beside the kids park!

I think when you see so many irresistible pets so frequently, you cannot but fall in love with them! And then I began to wonder, what makes the pets so special? Obviously, the love and the bond it shares with its human family! This is the love story I would like to share through my ‘Pet Love Photo Project’!

Hope you all enjoy this series as much as I am enjoying putting it together in images and words!

Introducing Yoda!


Yoda is a nine month old Chinese Crested puppy – the first of its kind I have ever seen!


There are two types of Chinese cresteds – one’s the powderpuff and the other, the hairless. Yoda is the hairless kind!


The very first thing that caught my attention about Yoda was his free-spirited nature! He was ecstatic at the sight of the open park! He sprung across the length and breadth the park in his batman suit as he was joined by Oskar and Matilda!


Last year, Oskar and Matilda lost their German Shepherd to old age. Their mum recalls that their family felt incomplete after the loss. That’s when they picked up Yoda!


The day Yoda arrived to their home, happened to be one of the most amazing days to this family. He instantly became the new family member and made them complete!


Fish, cheese and ham are Yoda’s favorite food. His favorite toy is a teddy bear!


Oskar and Metilda’s mum is a dog walker. So everyday Yoda joins her walking and they enjoy their time together!


It was truly a beautiful sight watching the kids cuddle and play with Yoda!


The chemistry between these kids and Yoda surpassed words. There was so much joy, giggles and laughter!


Oskar, Matilda and Yoda gave a great kickstart to my Pet Love Photo Project by being their adorable selves! The brief time I spent with them, gave me a glimpse of the great times they have shared together as a family in the past and the greater times they are going to cherish in the days ahead!