Stortorgets Julmarknad

When I got the news that we will be coming here to Sweden, one of the first things that I did was I prepared a list of all the places I wanted to see, things I wanted to do and the food I wanted to try!

One of those was the Christmas Market or Julmarknad as they call it here!

The minute Facebook started suggesting Christmas Market events, I subscribed to almost all of it!

Last Saturday was the very first Julmarknad I went to! We walked through the quaint narrow alleys and cobbled streets to reach Stortorget!

The minute we arrived at the Stortorget, the tiny red stores, the Christmas colors and all the happy faces made me feel like we were in Santa’s village in the North Pole! Had it only snowed, it would have been picture perfect!


Our friends and us enjoyed a hot and soothing cup of Glögg – Nordic mulled wine that is drunk with resins and almonds during winter!


The Christmas decorations that were sold were irresistibly cute!


The warm honey roasted almonds was nice to snack on as we walked around enjoying the beautiful sights!


The Julmarknad dates back to the early 1800. I felt absolutely amazing to kick start the advent season with this Nordic tradition!


4 thoughts on “Stortorgets Julmarknad

  1. oh such lovely pictures! All of us here at the christmas market are so happy you enjoyed your visit:) Hope to see you here again! Is it okey with you if we link your story to our facebook and instagram pages?
    Best wishes from all of us!❤️🎅🏻


  2. Thank you! You are most welcome to share my images on your social media. Would appriciate tagging me 😊 My instagram handle is @michellejobphotography


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