Fotomässan + Sthlm Food & Wine

Photography and food are two of my favorite things. When both come together, I go crazy!

That just happened last Sunday! It was the Annual Fotomässan and Sthlm Food & Wine!

The Fotomässan showcased a lot of products from leading camera companies (except Canon, which was slightly disappointing!), photographs of famous Swedish photographers, workshops and lot other inspiring stuff!

I also got to meet, Polina, a fellow momtog whom I follow on Instagram! It was an absolute pleasure meeting her and getting to know her!


Unfortunately (for me), all workshops were in Swedish and I couldn’t follow any! So I headed to the Sthlm Food & Wine where language is no barrier 😉

I am a cheese lover! I have spent endless hours watching every other program related to cheese on TLC. So to be there and taste a variety of cheese was a dream come true!


Olive Oil Tasting