Saraswathi Family 

A few years ago when KT, my eldest daughter, was a year old and my SIL’s second son was less than a year, both of our families crashed in at my parents-in-law’s house for a couple of months. With two toddlers, one kid and six adults, cooking became a herculean task. That’s when Saraswathi came to our rescue!

At that point, she wasn’t a cook. She was a house help at our home and a couple of other’s. But when asked if she can cook for us, she gladly agreed. Over those couple of months, her cooking skills went from beginner level to professional!

We have had different house helps over the years, but something about Saraswathi set her apart!

Her laughter is contegious! We would have some random conversation and we would burst out laughing. Most of the time either of us won’t understand what the other is saying as I am not fluent in Telugu! So by the time we convey something in action and broken telugu and english, we would crack up!

Saraswathi is a smart girl and a very hard worker. She strives to give her family the best. For that she does everything in her ability. I often tell my mother in law that had she only finished her high school, she would be in a good job. She has all the brains and confidence for it!

She would come to our house after working in two different houses, with her face beaming with a big broad smile. Neatly dressed. And absolutely no sign of tiredness!

We spent the last three month’s at my parents-in-law’s house. Saraswathi helped us with the household work and cooking. Everytime I would sit at the computer to process my images, she would come stand behind me and ask me to show her all the images from the shoot. She would then, in her own giggly style, give her comments and compliments about the pics!

One such time, she asked me if I would take pictures of her family. When I said I would gladly do it for her, she was over the moon! She brought three of her best saris and asked me to pick the one she could wear for the shoot!

On the day of the shoot, she came so beautifully dressed. Her hubby and kids were all smiles in their pretty outfits. I took them to the nearby park and spent almost an hour taking their pictures. I must say Saraswathi was the creative director. She came up with some great poses while her hubby was blushing non-stop!

It will always be a shoot very dear to me. The joy and contentment I had from making this precious family see how beautiful they really are is immeasurable!

Here are the rest of the pics!

Saraswathi with my Mom-in-law

Making one person smile can change the world – may be not the whole world, but their world! – Author Unknown