The Wedding Story of Hannah & Ben + Post-Wedding Shoot

To ask people to pose for pics and go clicking is one thing. It is a whole different thing when you know the couple and their story. Hannah’s and Ben was one such!

I have known both of them over the last few years. Hannah and Ben, both graduated from the same college as mine! We got to know each other through our college Alumni Fellowship and we have had some great time together.

Hannah and Ben fell in love 4 years ago at the time of their graduation. Both were returning from a mission trip along with their friends and were parting ways at a railway station when Ben promised Hannah that he will marry her on the same day, four years from then!

On 3rd June this year, exactly four years later, Ben not only kept his promise, he along with his fiance planned a wedding that broke all Indian norms!

It was a two-state union. Ben from Kerela and Hannah from Tamil Nadu. Both decided that their wedding was going to be entirely theirs! Right from the start both had a clear cut idea of what they wanted their wedding to be like and what their big day was going to revolve around – God, them, family and close friends!

Both decided that they were not going to pressurize their parents for finance. They planned their wedding right from scratch with the little savings both had. They restricted their invitees to immediate family, friends and colleagues – only those who have been a genuine part of their lives at some point. The decorations were kept minimal and elegant. Nothing over the top or showy. Every small thing that was done and every penny spent had a purpose and worth!

Their big day turned out just the way they wanted – a quaint and solemn service with those who wholeheartedly celebrated their union! All within 2.5 Lakhs and not a penny borrowed!


Today, the word ‘wedding’ brings more torment to parents and the to-be marrieds in an average Indian home. Many parents slog all their lives to save money and gold to ‘buy’ suitable partners for their daughters. In other homes, youngsters want their weddings to be in par with Bollywood’s pomp and gaiety that they make unreasonable demands from their parents! Both being so delusioned about what a wedding and marriage is all about!

The trend is to invite every random person who is barely known that thousands turn up for the wedding meal. Most of them don’t have a clue about the bride or the groom and vice versa! You may have noticed that the wedding service will be attended by the close family and friends while the rest of the mob only turns up only for the reception and the meal!

One of the Preacher’s whom I highly regard, Pastor Jesudian Sylvester, once mentioned in his sermon,

Indian parents spend a lifetime gathering wealth for their child’s wedding day while they fail to prepare their child for a lifetime of marriage!

I am honestly immensely proud of Hannah and Ben – the bold stand they took to break meaningless traditions and stereotypes!

Hannah & Ben, you have set a benchmark with your wedding! Do the same with your marriage! Show the world what true love is!

It was such a joy capturing you two!