Brown, Bold and Beautiful

Just the term “Charminar” flashes images bangles, saris, lights, Hyderabadi street food and swarms of shoppers and tourists! The sounds, the sights and the aroma of that area is an absolute treat to the senses!

What I enjoyed all the more was capturing the smile, the charm and radiant beauty of a brown-skinned young girl!

The world is so obsessed with fairer skin, size zero, make up and designer clothes. A vast majority of us are so brainwashed by the media that we fail to see the true beauty in people. Ever since I started photography professionally, I have being having this burning desire to bring out the beauty in darker skinned women and plus size mums!

Jerusha is the first of the many I want to feature!

She was such a great companion throughout the shoot. She was both my model and my tour guide. We climbed the Charminar, walked through the nook and cranny of the surrounding streets, trying sari, jewelry and sunglasses!

Jerusha is a speech therapist, singer, dancer, stage actor, painter, arts and crafts expert and much more. On the day of the shoot, she was clad in a simple top, shurg and jeans. She had just her eyeliner on and an almost invisible lip gloss! Yet, you can see how beautiful she is! Beauty just the way it is meant to be – bold, confident and exuding joy!