Mrs & Mr Charles’ 30th Wedding Anniversary

Everyone becomes old one day or another. But to age gracefully together, with someone you love, is nothing short of a blessing!

The 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration of Mrs and Mr Charles was planned by their daughters. The decoration, order of service and reception were excellently organised. Hats off to the girls!

When the couple arrived, their faces were beaming with joy. Aunty was literally blushing as her daughters, sons in law and grandkids welcomed her from the car. Uncle was in high spirits. He didn’t stop smiling for a moment!

The service was solemn. The choir filled the church with heavenly hymns. We along with the host of heaven witnessed the couple in love renew their vows!

Soon after the service, nature joined the celebration. Oh! How it rained! Just like it did 30 years ago on the couple’s wedding day!

The reception was a very merry one. A lot of meeting, greeting and eating!

How honored I felt to be a part of Mrs and Mr Charles’ big day!