The Wedding Story of Hannah & Ben + Post-Wedding Shoot

To ask people to pose for pics and go clicking is one thing. It is a whole different thing when you know the couple and their story. Hannah’s and Ben was one such!

I have known both of them over the last few years. Hannah and Ben, both graduated from the same college as mine! We got to know each other through our college Alumni Fellowship and we have had some great time together.

Hannah and Ben fell in love 4 years ago at the time of their graduation. Both were returning from a mission trip along with their friends and were parting ways at a railway station when Ben promised Hannah that he will marry her on the same day, four years from then! Continue reading “The Wedding Story of Hannah & Ben + Post-Wedding Shoot”

Brown, Bold and Beautiful

Just the term “Charminar” flashes images bangles, saris, lights, Hyderabadi street food and swarms of shoppers and tourists! The sounds, the sights and the aroma of that area is an absolute treat to the senses!

What I enjoyed all the more was capturing the smile, the charm and radiant beauty of a brown-skinned young girl! Continue reading “Brown, Bold and Beautiful”

Mrs & Mr Charles’ 30th Wedding Anniversary

Everyone becomes old one day or another. But to age gracefully together, with someone you love, is nothing short of a blessing!

The 30th Wedding Anniversary Celebration of Mrs and Mr Charles was planned by their daughters. The decoration, order of service and reception were excellently organised. Hats off to the girls! Continue reading “Mrs & Mr Charles’ 30th Wedding Anniversary”